Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Wordpress.org and Joomla CMS

/ Your own registered domain is required for both services ! /

Before I begin explaining differences between Wordpress.org and Joomla, let me introduce the term CMS. CMS acronym stands for Content Management System.

This piece of software does exactly as its name claims and that is managing the content (of a website). Besides this obvious function, CMS also enables everyone, without any knowledge on website construction, to set up a dynamic (based on PHP working with a hosting server and its database) website with advanced functionality.

Blogger or Wordpress.com ?

Blogger and Wordpress.com(WP) are probably the two most developed and spread out blogging tools available for public. I believe that you have come across these terms in the search engine results, in case you were thinking of setting up your own blog. In this article, I would like to give you a structured, general know-how on basic differences between these two tools and their advantages and disadvantages.

Let us start by listing what these two have in common:

User-friendly interface - blog is easy to set up and maintain

Substantial support - WP is probably broader, but it is possible to find answers to almost all of your questions on both services

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Starting your own Blog

In case you search for being included in modern internet trends and start your own blog, whatever your idea of content may be, I am going to help you make your decisions on how to start the whole process.

I would like to offer you basically 2 options:

Your own domain (possible Wordpress.org)
Blogger and Wordpress.com

Friday, 25 November 2011

Innovative web design guide

Welcome to my guide to web design. My intention was to develop a real practical courses on how to tackle the commonly occurring obstacles everybody gets in touch with while developing a new website, running a cool blog, optimizing website for the search engines etc. From now on, I will be regularly contributing new posts quite often and the first areas of interest will encompass practical approach on HTML and CSS structured in a single course, basic SEO tips and useful insights for bloggers to improve the general knowledge of what tools to use and what sources to gather information from.

Stay tuned !